Why Hire a Family Owned Courier Service?

It all comes down to customer service.

Fedex and UPS can’t compete with the personal service that you will get with a family run courier like ABC Package Express. If there is ever an issue or problem, you can call us and we are right there to help. When you call, you are speaking directly with the President or Vice President of the company, and you can be sure that your issue will be handled quickly and personally.

When you call a bigger company, the most they will say is “Sorry, it’s on the truck and will get there when it gets there.” Not the most helpful response. We give more detail oriented options to help get deliveries done more efficiently. ABC Package will go over every route we have and see exactly what we can do to save a customer money. The big companies just don’t have this down to earth option.

When you want to deal with real people who will handle your delivery with the same attention and care that you would give it yourself, call ABC Package.