When it comes to medical transportation services, ABC Package Express has the trained professionals ready to help.

Using the larger companies just isn’t practical or safe. Medical specimens, equipment, organs, lab results, reports, and blood products need to be handled with care and by someone who has the proper training. We take the time to make sure our drivers have the required HAZMAT training, if necessary, and are OSHA & HIPAA compliant. Each of our couriers is provided with medical gloves, spill kits and any other items necessary for your important items to be delivered safely and securely. If a medical cooler is required, no problem, we have them on-hand and can accommodate any temperature requirements you may have.

We also understand that medical industry deliveries are time sensitive and that many of these deliveries are critical to patient survival. What sets us apart from the large companies is this very nature. When it comes to a blood transfusion, transferring organs, lab results, and critical specimens, going through the process with a national company could take days. This just isn’t acceptable in the medical industry. A transportation company that is standing by 24/7/365 that understands their client’s precise instructions, time frame, and safety concerns is the ideal solution. The larger national companies may be prone to more mistakes and errors by their sheer size. The fewer times a critical medical delivery changes hands, the better. When deliveries have to go through several locations and actually change hands from one person to another, the likelihood of errors is increased dramatically. Having a long-term relationship with a highly trained courier service that has the exact routes in place, safety items on-hand, and working knowledge of pick-up and delivery person can save time and lives.

Proper handling techniques are imperative. The larger national companies are continuously changing employees and handlers. If the proper precautions aren’t taken, these items can pose a significant health hazard if leaked or spilled. In certain instances, biohazard substances can increase that risk of contamination or exposure. Knowing the correct medical terminology, disclosure, and etiquette is very important in the transition from the distributor to the end receiver. Our medical delivery services also include providing pharmaceutical deliveries from wholesale to retail to the patient, while maintaining the proper chain of custody and record keeping throughout the delivery process. This all boils down to hiring the right courier and transportation service that is properly trained and knows the unique medical delivery requirements you need.