ABC Package Express is a fully bonded and insured company?

What does it mean when we say we are a fully bonded company?  That means we have a business license, have the proper insurance, can carry cash if needed for our customers, and have made payments to a surety company for protection by a bond. The insurance company or surety company will be responsible for covering any financial losses.  Our customers can feel protected and secured knowing that ABC Package Express is fully bonded.  Being bonded also means that we will perform the work we are hired to do and enforces the guarantee that we will fulfill and uphold our customer contracts.

When a package delivery company or moving company says they are fully insured, this means that should your items be broken during the course of the delivery or move, you will be compensated.  There may be different levels of insurance offered or available.  Some delivery companies have additional insurance available if required.  It is important to know and understand the insurance options available to you when choosing a delivery company to work with.  Our team will be happy to explain how our insurance options will protect your valuable delivery items.